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CHAMBER MASTER – To serve and empower members

Members now have the opportunity to create their own Member Webpage for increase exposure, enhance their business directory listing, publish important dates on the Community Calendar, offer Hot Deals to increase sales, promote Member to Member Deals to share discounts with fellow members, Post Job Opportunities to find qualified employees, and submit News Releases about your business or organization.

Members also have the added benefit of being able to advertise inexpensively on the Chamber’s website, in the monthly email blasts and in New Business Packets.

To learn more about these and other benefits offered to San Dimas Chamber of Commerce Members – Call 909-592-3818.  We will be more than happy to share the benefits of membership.


This is a pertinent question and one the Chamber is obligated to answer and not with the usual stuff you find in Bylaws and general program definition. When you go to a supermarket you have something in hand when you pay your bill at the check out. When you pay your annual dues to the Chamber, it is understandable that you expect something in return so here are some.


Following is a list of services and benefits available only to Chamber Members and their approximate annual value.


  • ADVERTISING PUBLICITY                           Valued at $300.00
    Members receive promotion and publicity in the following publications: The Pioneer, The San Dimas Business and Community Guide, and Chamber Membership Roster.
  • BUSINESS REFERRAL SERVICE               Valued at $150.00
    We receive approximately 3,000 requests each year for the names of local businesses, professionals, services and other establishments. ONLY Chamber members are referred.
  • CHAMBER PUBLICATIONS                           Valued at $135.00
    Annual subscription to free copies of the San Dimas Business and  Community Guide, free copies of the San Dimas City Map.
  • BUSINESS EDUCATION WORKSHOPS      Valued at $250.00
    During the year there will be notifications of professional workshops in areas such as Business Management, Financial Administration and Skills Development.
  • COMMITTEE & TASK FORCE MEETINGS   Valued at $100.00
    Participation on committees and working on major projects offer members opportunities to meet business owners and professionals with similar interests.
  • RIBBON CUTTINGS                                        Valued at $250.00
    Celebrate grand openings, remodels, and new members with ribbon cutting ceremonies available to members at no charge.
  • MIXERS                                                           Valued at $100.00
    An “Extra Special Bonus” in just food and refreshments alone! Not to mention the social and business contacts take place at each “MIXER”. (NOTE: This is also an excellent “Fringe Benefit” for your staff and employees.)
  • CERTIFICATES OF ORIGIN                          Valued at $35.00
    Certificates of Origin for exporting U.S. made goods are available to Chamber members at no cost.

The rewards of belonging to the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce are fulltime representation and year-round results. Businesses sometimes fail to recognize the fact that their local Chamber is also their salesman and watchdog. The Chamber unceasingly promotes local products and services while at the same time protects business interests. A single voice can go unheard, but the collective, united voice of the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce is effective and beneficial in making San Dimas the best place to work and live in Southern California.

What Does the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce Do for Its Members?  

  1.  Help you find new customers, products, sources of supply, and channels of distribution.
  2. Support your new business during those first “growing pains.”
  3. Help established businesses grow and prosper.
  4. Promote a climate where business can be conducted profitably and pleasantly.
  5. Provide an extensive network of professional and business contacts for advice and support.
  6. Hold special events like the Annual San Dimas City Birthday Bar-B-Que, Annual Golf Tournament, Toast of the town and regular events like Monthly Mixers and coffee hours for networking.
  7. Spotlight new and expanding businesses through ribbon-cuttings and other celebrations.
  8. Publicize member businesses’ products and services in electronic newsletters, City of San Dimas map, and the San Dimas Business and Community Guide.
  9. Welcome new residents to our business community.
  10. Provide information to visitors about points of interest and businesses in and around San Dimas.
  11. Speak for you in the places of political influence, making sure your voice is heard on important issues.
  12. Work with the City of San Dimas to make our community the place to do business and to live in Southern California!
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