San Dimas Chamber of Commerce
Member Services Coordinator

Posting Ends August 26, 2013

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Member Services Coordinator will work under the direction of the Chamber CEO and assist in initiating, implementing and concluding specific marketing and membership projects. Duties include membership retention and recruitment, planning and working events, soliciting partnerships from potential funders, writing press releases and newsletter articles, utilizing social media and web-based technologies to maximize outreach, placing orders for supplies and services, conducting research and data collection and possibly assisting with grant writing proposals and applications.

Specific Responsibilities
• Develop, implement, and coordinate membership retention and recruitment programs;
• Assist in creating and implementing monthly newsletters and draft news articles;
• Assist with the organization’s website and social media networks;
• Create and maintain a comprehensive database of stakeholders;
• Invite major employer groups such as hospitals and universities to inform their employees about the organization’s programs and services;
• Engage local newspapers, local radio and TV stations to promote the organization through PSA’s;
• Compose and modify Excel spreadsheets, create and modify documents using Microsoft Office, manages databases and other documents using desktop publishing software;
• Assist with preparing and submitting submit grant applications and proposals;
• Conduct research and data mining activities as needed;
• All other duties as assigned.

Education Requirements
Experience in sales, marketing, community outreach, and project implementation preferred. Experience preferred but not required.
Additional Qualifications
This position calls for a well-organized person who enjoys multi-tasking, working with technology and is experienced in using Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint), and customer tracking software in order to create detailed reports; must be able to work some evenings and weekends if needed; flexible to accept new assignments in the organization as the need arises; ability to relate to persons of varied socio-economic backgrounds; possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills.


• $12 to $15 per hour
• Status: Non-exempt employee
• Hours: 25 to 40 hours a week

Please email application, resume, reference letters, and cover letter by August 26, 2013. Job posting is subject to close without notice if position is filled before the August 26, 2013 date.


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Please email application, resume and cover letter by August 26, 2013 to:


Please no phone calls


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