What Is A Chamber Of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of business and professional people dedicated to the economic well-being of their community. By working for a healthy economic climate of good jobs, capital creation and honest, efficient government, a Chamber of Commerce helps to solve many community problems of a growing area.

A chamber’s strength lies in the number and diversity of its membership. Both large and small businesses from virtually every profession are represented and influenced by the direction of the Chamber’s programs. These programs are financed by membership investments in the chamber.

Members Are The Chamber

The more members the Chamber has, the better it can represent the business community. It accomplishes collectively what no one business can do alone. A Chamber of Commerce is NOT a department of local government … a social, civic, or charitable institution… a private advertising, publicity, or public relations agency.

What A Chamber Of Commerce Does

A Chamber of Commerce does what its membership wants it to do. Its basic function is that of economic development in a plan or philosophy accepted by its community. Community factors which affect economic development… education, culture, transportation, health care services, local government, and others … may come under the scrutiny and the programs of the chamber.

Additional functions of the Chamber of Commerce include research and information. Market statistics and facts, information about community activities are disseminated by the chamber to a variety of publics … economic prospects, existing businesses, mass media, the membership, newcomers, students and others.

The Chamber of Commerce represents business and professional interests before elected bodies. Ordinances, legislation and regulations affecting business and the economic climate are addressed by Chambers. Chambers involve themselves in public issues affecting roads, schools, transportation and business.

How The Chamber Of Commerce Functions  

The Chamber of Commerce organizes to identify community problems and issues and provides the leadership to solve these problems.

Officers and directors are elected to choose policies based on the mandate of the membership. Member volunteers are organized into committees which identify goals and programs for the year. Once these goals are approved by the Board of Directors, they become the chamber’s Program of Work. Committees then form and work to accomplish the specific objectives of the Program of Work.

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